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There are number of properties and events on the CaptureSession object to help you determine what is happening under the scenes. You may choose to log these for diagnostics or analytics purposes or if the audience is somewhat technical, you may choose to surface this information in the UI.


PushRetry: Raised when the internet connection fails and the client attempts a retry. Event args allow retry to be cancelled and include error that necessitated retry.
PushFailed: Raised when the internet connection has failed and the client is done retrying. Event args include error that caused failure.
FragmentCreated: Raised when a new fragment is created.
FragmentQueued: Raised when a new fragment has been transmuxed and is queued to send to the server.
FragmentSent: Raised when a fragment has been successfully sent to the server.
CaptureError: Raised when a non-critical capture error has occurred. Critical errors are surfaced through the MediaCapture.Failed event.


RecordingTime: Gets the current amount of time that the session has been recording.
BufferSize: Gets the size of the in-memory buffer (data that has been captured and is ready to send but is currently in the queue).
HttpResponseStatusCode: Gets the last Http response status code returned.
IsRecording: Gets whether the session is actively recording.

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